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Informaticien & ├ętudiant en films d'animation 3D

The Work

a selection of personal design work & projects


Duration : 15 min.

Numero 10

character created in photoshop with the graphic style of the film "Number 9"

Sallon 3D

envrionment for future project short film in 3D

Environnement 3D

3D Composition in MAYA with the rendering engine Mentalray

Drawing point

duration: 35 Hours


not available

Paint Photoshop

Digital drawing on paper scanned

ShowReel School

Show reel movie with the school PIVAUT


Not available

Thanks for visiting my site! I am a Conceptor/ animator 3D Junior based in France. I started doing computer training and preparation in the arts. I am passionate about photography. Please feel free to contact me if you need something designed, or for any other reason if you feel the need !

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